A Recycled Playmate - Slithering Mitten :)

kutti "r"s new born mittens and socks are a sweet reminder...But how many of them do I save?
So I found a new playmate for him...
This is an easy to do craft.
Take an old sock or a mitten.
Stick a pair of googly eyes (It its a monster - go crazy with the eyes :)
Cut a small hole at the closed end of the sock.
Insert the pipe cleaner to resemble the tongue. Roll it...Bend it...Twist it...
Now play push and pull :)

You have a cute little playmate ready in a jiffy!

Artsy Craftsy Mom- One more please....

Googly eyes - Easy to make bookmarks

I simply love making bookmarks and I find every chance to do some.
Here are a few samples that are kid friendly!
 The deer bookmark is also a playmate for kutti "r" and me. We do a little memory game, a guessing game and a hide and seek game...kutti "r" calls them 'maan' and 'pulli maan' (Tamizh for deer and spotted deer)
These colourful monsters can get dressed up in different colours and can take up different moods...Just dont throw your ice-cream sticks away!

Artsy Craftsy Mom - We have got a whole load of googly eyes craft and we got it coming your way :)

The Birthday Party - Invitation (Last but not the least)

Looks like I am doing the reverse loop in documenting kutti "r" s birthday party. One consolation is that I am finally doing it and as long as the blogger lives, this post will live :)
The seed for the birthday theme started with this book...
We had got kutti "r" this book when he was 6 months young! He seemed to like it right from the time we picked the book at the Landmark store. We were surprised to see his baby face lit up when we said the word "Alien" and from then on until he turned 13 months old, our room, the doors, the toys, the books carried aliens in different forms, shapes and colours :)

The creative horses ran wild and I went alien crazy and made sure that when kutti "r" looks back at his first birthday pictures he would remember the love he had for aliens and the love mumma had for him :)

Artsy Craftsy Mom - We have another one of the googly eyes for you :)


The Birthday Post - just for Artsy Craftsy April 2012

It's almost 6 months since kutti "r"s 1st birthday and I still haven't found the time to document it completely.
With the AC Challenge for this month being "googly eyes", I couldn't help but quickly add all that I did for the birthday theme.
kutti "r"s fascination for aliens can be seen here and here and here and here and HERE!

Artsy Craftsy April - Here I come! A lilttle late but hope it entertains your right brain :)



It was yet another morning in our workday lives.
Me in the kitchen with MIL, V in the living room with his morning paper and coffee and kutti "r" on the bed sleeping after his morning milk was the scene.
Like always, our hands at what we were doing, our thoughts planning out the day, and our ears in the direction of the room - V and me dashed to the room as we heard kutti "r" woke up. He woke up with a big smile and a sparkle in his eyes.
Sitting on the bed, he stretched out his arms as if reaching out to us. Responding to him, V and me got closer to him without knowing what was in store for us. kutti "r" pulled us even closer and smacked(v) his lips in want of a kiss. It took us a second to realise that he was asking us to plant a kiss on his chubby cheeks. We moved closer and kissed our little prince at the same time and moved back. kutti "r" signalled for another one and another...
As giggles, smiles and laughter filled the room, kutti "r" stretched out his arm, this time reaching out only to his dad. V moved closer and kutti "r" drew V's head near him and said "amma".
I was standing there unaware of the next scene.
kutti "r" smacked his lips again and with V's head resting on his little palm, he said "amma"...
V smiled at me and said, "he wants daddy to kiss mummy"...hahaha...
Daddy kissed Mummy
Daddy and mummy smiled at baby
Baby smiled. The day began :)

Welcome to the generation which acknowledges the expression of L.O.V.E


Origami @ the pot - yes the pot's still cooking

I have a few posts due but I think this holds priority.
I better be early to enter the Artsy Craftsy for this month at Mindful Meanderings :)

Our tot club -the pot has weekend craft activities for the little kids within our apartment. We do it under the shade of our water tank in the terrace once every fortnight...Depending on the age group of kids, I have different levels of craft activities structured for the busy bodies...
We made a couple of things this week
1. An old sock was upcycled into a wristband
2. Origami wristband
3. Origami ornaments - I planned on making a wristlet...but the kids had other plans going within their creative mind...So we did a bracelet, a crown, a necklace and a wasitband..:)

The link to do the origami wristbands can be picked from here - The one for older kids and The one for younger kids

Artsy Craftsy - We hope we are on time :)