Origami @ the pot - yes the pot's still cooking

I have a few posts due but I think this holds priority.
I better be early to enter the Artsy Craftsy for this month at Mindful Meanderings :)

Our tot club -the pot has weekend craft activities for the little kids within our apartment. We do it under the shade of our water tank in the terrace once every fortnight...Depending on the age group of kids, I have different levels of craft activities structured for the busy bodies...
We made a couple of things this week
1. An old sock was upcycled into a wristband
2. Origami wristband
3. Origami ornaments - I planned on making a wristlet...but the kids had other plans going within their creative mind...So we did a bracelet, a crown, a necklace and a wasitband..:)

The link to do the origami wristbands can be picked from here - The one for older kids and The one for younger kids

Artsy Craftsy - We hope we are on time :)


  1. Could you please add the steps to make this? Or atleast a link to a site that shows the step by step tutorial..

  2. ohhh sorry I just noticed the links.. :) I thot they were a link to ur FB page.. Thanks for linking in