The Birthday post - part 1

This post was due long back...And I have my own excuses of why I couldnt put earlier.
kutti "r" s fascination for aliens was documented already here! and that became the theme for his FIRST birthday!!! I was obsessed and possessed with ALIENS!!! and you can see them all here...every one of them handmade....
If you have a theme in mind your little one loves, I would be absolutely glad to help you plan, design and make it happen :) Leave me a comment if you would like a sprinkle of magic :)
Let's get to the picture post!

I have a whole lot of pictures coming up, check back for invites, favors and more :) Oh! we repeated the theme at Coimbatore - V's native...YES! We had two celebrations....one in namma Bengaluru and the other one in our very own Kovai :)
Stay tuned....

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